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JNZC High-Strength Studs

JNZC High-Strength Studs

Studs are mainly used in occasions where one of the parts to be connected has a large thickness, requires a compact structure, or is not suitable for bolted connections due to frequent disassembly. The threads at both ends of the equal-length double-ended studs need to be matched with nuts and washers and are used for two connected parts with through holes. One end of the welding stud is welded on the surface of the connected part, and the threaded end passes through the connected part with through hole. For threaded fasteners, good anti-corrosion ability and screw-in performance are required in use, so excellent surface treatment is crucial.

Types of JNZC High-Strength Studs

Manufacturing Process of JNZC High-Strength Studs

Raw material pretreatment - Heat treatment - Precision machining/ turning/ grinding - Thread rolling - NDT - Surface treatment - Inspection                                                                                                   

The purpose of quenching in the heat treatment process is to reshape the metal structure and greatly improve the rigidity, hardness, wear resistance, fatigue strength, and toughness of steel, to meet the different requirements of various mechanical parts and tools.

The purpose of tempering is to eliminate the residual stress generated when the workpiece is quenched and to prevent deformation and cracking. Adjust the hardness, strength, plasticity, and toughness of the workpiece to meet the performance requirements. Stable structure and size, ensure precision. Improve and enhance processing performance.                 

Surface treatment improves the hardness, corrosion resistance, weather resistance, and wear resistance and reduces the friction coefficient and to match the accuracy of the fastener's surface.

Applications of JNZC High-Strength Studs

The high-strength studs manufactured by Jinan ZhongChuan (JNZC) are widely used in electric power, wind power generation equipment, the chemical industry, oil refining, valves, railways, bridges, automobile and motorcycle parts, large machinery, mining machinery, boiler steel structures, hanging towers, and long-span steel structural, large-scale construction, and other industries.

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916 Wode Blvd, Changqing District, Jinan, Shandong, China, 250300
916 Wode Blvd, Changqing District, Jinan, Shandong, China, 250300