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R & D Center

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R & D Center is the main body and key department of JNZC scientific research and development. JNZC R & D Center has a total of 55 engineers and high-tech talents, who specialize in product design and development, process development, process optimization, product certification & standards, laboratories, market research & analysis, investment decision-making, and project management.

We also set up the Industry 4.0 R&D and Continuous Improvement Department.

JNZC has always adhered to the implementation of the ISO9001, AS9100D quality management system, based on which we carry out product quality management activities, and applied the five major quality management tools of IATF16949 to manage production process control.

Our physical and chemical testing center has passed the ISO/IEC17025 laboratory management system certification and is equipped with various advanced precision testing and analysis equipment to meet the technical requirements of product precision measurement and physical and chemical test analysis.

The products developed by JNZC Technology Research and Development Center sell well at home and abroad, have obtained many national patents and certifications, and are favored by many Fortune 500 customers and world-renowned companies.

We stimulate efficiency, insist on continuous innovation, and pursue continuous breakthroughs. We remain forward-looking, pioneering, and exploratory, master the cutting-edge and core technologies of the industry, and always provide customers with better solutions.

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916 Wode Blvd, Changqing District, Jinan, Shandong, China, 250300
916 Wode Blvd, Changqing District, Jinan, Shandong, China, 250300