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Physical and Chemical Testing Center

The quality management department of JNZC is fully responsible for the company's quality management work and has established project management, quality system management, on-site inspection management, physical and chemical testing center, and metrology & measurement center. The quality management team currently has 36 employees who are responsible for product quality inspection, physical and chemical analysis, quality management, and other work.

JNZC has always adhered to the requirements of ISO9001, IATF16949, AS9100D, and other quality management systems. We have built a high-standard and modern laboratory with huge sums of money. The physical and chemical testing center has passed the ISO/IEC17025 certification authorization. It is beneficial to participate in international laboratory recognition of bilateral and multilateral cooperation and promote the development of industrial technology and commerce.        


JNZC Physical and Chemical Testing Center adopt the industry's advanced testing and inspection equipment. The testing scope covers the chemical composition of metal materials, mechanical properties, torque testing, fatigue testing, non-destructive testing, microstructure, precision dimensions, salt spray testing, and other items.

High-frequency Fatigue Testing Machine - The high-frequency fatigue testing machine is used to implement the fatigue characteristics and fatigue life of metals, alloy materials, and fastener products under tension, compression, or tension-compression alternating loads at room temperature.

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Tensile Testing Machine - Our laboratory is equipped with advanced microcomputer-controlled universal testing machines to test the mechanical properties of materials such as tension, compression, and bending. It can also do the tensile test of samples at high temperatures, the highest temperature can reach 1100 ℃.

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Torque Testing Machine - KISTLER, Switzerland - The torque testing machine can realize the measurement of the thread friction coefficient, the support surface friction coefficient, and the total friction coefficient of the connecting pair.

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CNC Impact Testing Machine- The fully automatic impact testing machine can realize low temperature -101℃ impact test. It is used to measure the impact resistance of metal materials and fastener products under dynamic loads at low temperatures, to judge the performance of materials under low-temperature loads.

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CNC Rockwell Hardness Tester - WILSON, USA- Fully automatic Rockwell hardness tester, with the force sensor for fast, accurate, and reliable testing. One-button start tester controls load force application rate and dwells time. The test results can be automatically converted to various hardness values such as Brinell and Vickers.

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Chemical Analysis Equipment-OXFORD, The United Kingdom- Spectrum Analyzer is used for accurate composition analysis and material identification of various metal materials, including the determination of C, Si, P, S, Mn, Cr, Mo, V, Ti, Al, Cu, and other elements.

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Metallographic Analysis Microscope - ZEISS, Germany- The metallographic analysis microscope is used for microstructure analysis, grain size detection, non-metallic inclusion detection, thread flow line detection, coating thickness detection, decarburization layer/carburization hardening layer depth measurement, etc.

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CNC Grinding and Polishing Machine - BUEHLER, USA- CNC grinding and polishing machine for grinding and polishing for metallographic sample preparation of fasteners.

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Salt Spraying Tester - Equipped with multiple neutral salt spray testing machines, which are used to test the salt spray corrosion resistance of materials and fastener product surface coatings.

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Temperature and Humidity Chamber- The constant temperature and humidity test chamber is used to test the surface anti-corrosion performance of fastener products under different temperature and humidity environments.

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